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ASU Wireless Network Known Issues

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This article contains common issues that some students have been experiencing when trying to connect to the ASU Wireless network.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Issue:

Users with an existing, saved "asu" wireless connection (for example last used prior to the Summer 2016 break) are having issues connecting to the new encrypted "asu" wireless Service Set Identifier (SSID).

This has been observed with users that have a saved wireless connection to the legacy "asu "SSID. Users that have experienced this issue are able to connect to the "asu" wireless. But the connection is named "asu2" instead of "asu. Users may also have trouble reconnecting to the "asu" SSID.

This issue should not affect users who have not previously connected to the ASU wireless network with their device (for example new students).


  1. Click on the Wi-FI  icon from your windows taskbar OR Go into Control Panel, select Network and Sharing Center and select Manage your Networks/Network Settings (depending on Windows version) to view your available wireless connections.
  2. Delete any saved wireless profiles that are named asu or asu2.
  3. Now attempt to reconnect to the asu wireless network and reauthenticate. This creates a new wireless profile for the encrypted asu wireless network. Normally creating a new wireless connection will default to Autojoin. Verify that your newly created asu connection has Autojoin set as shown in the screenshot below.


Note: All other SSID names that are visible while on the ASU campus (other than asu) should be set to Not Autojoin.” The screenshot below show the Connect automatically when this network is in range checkbox Unchecked. By unchecking this option the PC will not autojoin this specific wireless connection. Be sure to verify this is unchecked for any SSID names that are visible while on the ASU campus (other than asu).

For users that have "asu guest" and or "eduroam" connections configured, be sure they are set to Not Autojoin while on the ASU campus. While on the ASU campus, the "asu" SSID is the preferred wireless SSID to connect to.


Unable to access My ASU webpages on ASU Guest network:
ASU Students are unable to access any ASU webpages that require logging in (such as My ASU or Blackboard) when connected to the "ASU Guest" wireless connection.

This is by design.The "ASU Guest" wireless connection is not encrypted and will not allow connections to ASU secured webpages. Connect to the encrypted "asu" wireless connection using your ASURITE ID and Password in order to access secure ASU webpages.

Need additional help? Access 24/7 live chat, create a case from your My ASU Service Center or call 855-278-5080.


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