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As a College Achievement Plan Recipient, What Happens If I Switch Majors or Double Major?

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We understand you may change your major or want to double major to take full advantage of getting an education. Starbucks' goal is to give you the opportunity to receive your first bachelor's degree.

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan benefits will cover up to 135 credit hours for all undergraduate courses. This is your maximum amount of credit hours that Starbucks will cover for you to achieve your first bachelor's degree. You may track your status on My ASU under the Starbucks College Achievement Plan box.

You should contact your academic advisor to ensure you would remain on track to graduate within your program maximum. Find your academic advisor contact information by logging in to My ASU, under the Academic Support Team box, and click on Academic Advising.

If you are a financial aid recipient, you will need to determine how many additional credits and semesters you need to graduate with your new major or double major. Then, determine your remaining federal aid eligibility.

Please be aware, you could run out of federal aid eligibility before you graduate. The following federal programs have lifetime limits: Federal Pell Grants, Federal Direct Loans, Federal Perkins Loans and Federal TEACH Grants. There are no exceptions to these federal policies.  
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