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Can I change the parent reported on my FAFSA after it is submitted?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
In general, you cannot change the parent reported on your FAFSA after it is submitted unless an extenuating circumstance exists. Examples of extenuating circumstances include:
  • death of the previously reported parent
  • documented abuse from the previously reported parent
  • incarceration of the previously reported parent 
  • a mistake was made when determining which parent to report on the FAFSA (i.e., you did not use the parent whom you lived with most during the last 12 months or the parent who provided you with the most financial support during the last 12 months; see How Do I Determine What Parent to Use on My FAFSA? article for additional guidance)

If you do not have an extenuating circumstance as listed above, please do not make any FAFSA changes. Your FAFSA parent must remain as originally reported. 

If you have an extenuating circumstance as listed above, please take the following actions.
  1. Log back in to your already completed FAFSA to make a correction.  
  2. Remove the previous parent's information and income.
  3. Include the new parent's information and income.
  4. Both you and the new parent must sign and submit the FAFSA correction using your and the new parent's FSA ID.
Next steps:
  1. Once ASU receives your FAFSA correction, a request for documentation to support the changing of the FAFSA parent and any other required verification documentation will be posted to your Priority Tasks on My ASU
  2. You must upload the requested document(s) in Verification Documents Request for the 2019-2020 Award Year.  For the 2020-2021 Award Year and beyond, you will upload documentation through your MyASU.
  3. If your extenuating circumstance is acceptable, your updated FAFSA will be loaded and your awards will be adjusted accordingly.
  4. If it is deemed to not be an extenuating circumstance, your FAFSA correction will not be accepted by ASU and your FAFSA parent will remain as originally reported. 
Need additional help?  Access 24/7 live chat, or create a case from My ASU Service Center or call 855-278-5080.


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