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Can I Send in a Letter to Accept My Parent PLUS Loan?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
No, your parent must accept the Parent PLUS Loan online using their guest access. If your parent has previously accepted a Parent PLUS loan and want to change the amount they accepted, they must do the following:
  1. Log into My ASU, Guest Access tab, with your own parent ASURITE user ID, and click on the "Accept Parent PLUS Loan" link. If you have more than one student attending ASU, make sure you are viewing the correct student.
  2. Make sure all the information on the form is correct and there are no errors in any of the following fields. Incorrect information will lead to delays and could result in your loan application being denied.
    1. The spelling of your name
    2. Your Social Security Number
    3. Your date of birth
    4. Your citizenship status
  3. Enter the amount that you would like to accept, but not more than the amount offered by ASU and click the continue button. Please enter a whole dollar amount when accepting your loan. Processing of your loan will initiate a credit check through the U.S. Department of Education. ASU will receive notification of the approval or denial of your Parent PLUS Loan in two to three days. You will also receive approval or denial information in the mail from the U.S. Department of Education within two weeks. For all questions regarding your credit check, including credit criteria, please call 800-557-7394.
Need additional help? Access 24/7 live chat, create a case from My ASU Help tab or call 855-278-5080.


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