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How Do I Setup ASU Wireless on Apple iOS?

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Functional GroupTechnical Resources: Network

To setup wireless on your iOS Apple device, please follow the steps below:

  1. Access the settings on your iOS device by selecting Settings, as shown below:

  2. Tap Wi-Fi, as shown below:

  3. Tap asu to start connecting to it, as shown below:

  4. Type your ASURITE ID and password, as shown below:

    Connect to ASU
  5. The encrypted Wi-Fi requires a certificate in order to connect to it.
a. Tap Accept button, as shown below:
Note: The Certificate will display a message that it is Not Verified as in the example below. This is a message that is generated by Apple, that ASU has no control over. In order to connect successfully to the encrypted ASU wireless network, you need to click Accept as the certificate is safe and can be trusted.
  1. Certificate Details show that it has been issued by ASU and is safe to trust and accept.
User-added image
You are now on the ASU wireless network!
Note: Users who connect to the ASU network, wired or wireless, should be in compliance with the Acceptable Use of Computers and Networks policy, including security measures.

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