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Does the Obama Scholars Program Require That You Accept Loans and Work-Study?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
ASU’s goal with the Obama Scholars program is to help minimize the amount of money you borrow while attending ASU. Federal Work-Study opportunities, along with federally funded Direct Student Loans, are programs designed to help students invest in themselves and their education.

While not required, you are strongly encouraged to apply for on-campus employment if you have an offered FWS award. Working on campus not only allows you to earn money for college, it also creates valuable on-campus support networks while you develop marketable skills for your resume. To search for current job openings, visit ASU Student Employment.

Low-interest loans are also available to you as an additional self-help option. If you are eligible for student loans, they will be listed on your award letter and on My ASU under the Finances tab. You are encouraged to discuss alternatives for financing your education with a counselor by contacting Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

For additional information, please visit the Obama Scholars program.

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