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Full-Time and Half-Time Status for Enrollment Verification Purposes

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Full-time or half-time status for enrollment verification purposes is determined by:

  1. the number of credits in which you are enrolled in a given term, and 
  2. whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student.
Refer to the tables below to determine your status.

Fall & Spring Semesters
StatusUndergraduate StudentGraduate Student
Full time12+ credit hours9+ credit hours
3/4 time9 – 11 credit hours7 – 8 credit hours
Half time6 – 8 credit hours5 – 6 credit hours
Less than half time1 – 5 credit hours1 – 4 credit hours

Summer Sessions
StatusUndergraduate StudentGraduate Student
Full time4+ credit hours3+ credit hours
Half time2 – 3 credit hours2 credit hours
Less than half time1 credit hour1 credit hour

Research and Teaching Assistants: For fall and spring semesters research and teaching assistants must be enrolled in six credit hours to be considered full time. For summer sessions you must be enrolled in at least two credit hours to be considered full time and one credit hour to be considered half time.

Financial Aid Recipients: Full-time and half-time credit requirements may be different for financial aid disbursement purposes. Please review For Financial Aid Disbursement, What Is Full-Time and Half-Time for Undergraduate and Graduate Students? to determine credit hour requirements for financial aid disbursement.

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