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How Do I Connect to ASU Guest Wireless?

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Visitors to ASU can make use of a simple process to first register and then login to the asu guest wireless network. First register, then a username and password is emailed to the email address or texted to the mobile phone number provided during the registration process. During the time period that these temporary credentials are still active (not expired), the user will not have to repeat the login process again. 

Note: If you are an ASU student, please use the encrypted ASU Wireless connection named asu instead.

ASU Guest Wireless Connection Instructions:

1. On the device, make sure you have Wi-FI turned on.

2. From the list of available wireless connections, connect to the SSID connection  named asu guest.

3. Open a Web Browser and try and connect to the internet. If you have not recently connected to asu guest then the following screen will be displayed to begin the ASU wireless network guest registration process.

4. From this screen, please select Don't have an account?.

5. Fill in the registration information and click Register. You can enter in a valid email address OR mobile phone number.

  • In the example below a mobile phone number was provided. Once the Register button is clicked then you will be shown a screen like the following example. Depending on which option you filled in to receive the registration confirmation, the specific button for that option (Text Me in the example below) can be clicked to receive the registration information.

Note: The option that was not initially selected will be unavailable to click ( eg - Email Me button in the example below).


6. After receiving the username and password information, click Sign On.

7. On the Guest Portal sign in screen, fill in the username and password that you received via either text or email and select Sign In.

8. You will be presented with the ASU Acceptable Use Policy. Please read and review, by selecting Accept you agree and are completing the registration process to connect to ASU Guest Wireless.

You're now connected to the ASU Guest Wireless. Your username and password will be valid for 48 hours. During that time you will not have to go thru this registration process again. After 48 hours, you will have to repeat the registration process.

Note: The asu guest Wireless is limited to 10Mbs speeds.

Need additional help? Access 24/7 live chat, create a case from your My ASU Service Center or call 855-278-5080.


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