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How do I Access my ASU Gmail from the Windows 10 Mail App?

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How do I Access my ASU Gmail from the Windows 10 Mail App?

Before you begin:

Note: The password you set at the above website is independent of your normal ASURITE password. If you change your ASURITE password in the future, your Gmail email for ASU POP/Chat password will not be changed. However, you may always go to the above website to change your Gmail for ASU POP/Chat password.

After you have successfully enabled IMAP on your Gmail email account you can set up your Gmail for ASU POP/Chat password.

To access your Gmail account using Windows 10 Mail Application, perform the following steps:


  1. Open your Windows 10 Mail Application
  2. From the left pane select Accounts.

  3. From the right pane select Add account.

  4. From the options listed select Google.

  5. From the Google Sign In page type in and select Next.

  6. Sign in via the ASU's Page -  type in yourASURITE, Password, and then select Sign In.

  7. Continue on by selecting the Allow button.

    If "Remember sign-in info?" page pops up, options Yes and Skip are totally preferential, 
    read the script select one and continue.

  8. All done - select Done.

  9. You can now securely send and receive mail using Windows 10 Mail Application.

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