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How do I apply for teacher certification in the state of Arizona?

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Functional GroupMary Lou Fulton Teachers College

The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) issues your teacher certification. There are four things you will need in order to apply:
1. Institutional Recommendation (IR): Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College will issue your IR directly to ADE after your degree has been conferred by the registrar’s office. An IR confirms to ADE that you meet all the course and clinical experience requirements for teacher certification in Arizona. The benefit of an IR is that you will not need your official transcript when you apply for certification.

  • If your IR has expired, you will need to request that your official transcripts from ASU be sent to the Arizona Department of Education. 

2. Arizona Educator Exams: To obtain teacher certification in Arizona, all applicants are required to pass a Professional Knowledge Exam. Based on the program you completed, you may also be required to take one or more subject knowledge exams. To see if you are exempt from the subject knowledge exam, please reach out to your academic advisor about the appropriate time to take the exams. (Save a copy of your scores)

SAMPLE IVP fingerprint clearance card:
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4. Pay Certification Fee: You are required to pay a certification fee to the Arizona Department of Education for your teacher certification.
Structured English Immersion (SEI) Endorsement fee is included in the below price: 

  • $60 for Early Childhood Education
  • $60 for Secondary Education for initial certification content area. It is an additional $60 to add another subject area.
  • $90 for Physical Education with K-12 Endorsement.
  • $90 for Secondary Education including Fine Arts: (Art, Music, Dance) with K-12 Endorsement
  • $90 for Special Education with Dual Certification in Elementary Education 
  • InMAC students only- $30 if you already have your SEI endorsement on your Alternative Teaching Certificate or $60 if you need to add the SEI endorsement.
  • $60 for Substitute Certification. Only if you are not ready to apply for teacher certification and need a substitute certification to accept a job offer.
*There is also a $2.00 convenience fee that will be added to each application submitted when applying online.

If you are an Arizona Teachers Academy financial-aid recipient, the cost of your Arizona Certificate application is waived. 

Visit our FAQ page or reach out to the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College compliance and certification team at with any questions/concerns



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