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How do I change my major as a current ASU undergraduate student?

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Changing majors doesn't need to be complicated. You do not have to reapply to ASU or any ASU college. Please know that some majors have higher admission standards and may require a higher GPA, test scores, or other requirement prior to changing to the new major.
  1. Please begin by logging into your My ASU.
  2. Then visit
You will find resources to help you search for the new major or, if you have already decided, be taken to a form where you can submit your request. Additionally, you can run a degree audit report (DARS) for your new major to view the number of credits and courses needed to stay on track to graduate. Some colleges may require that you meet with an academic advisor prior to the official major change. Other colleges will simply change your major and send you a list of courses to take for your new major. 


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