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How Do I Change My Major?

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Functional GroupRegistrar
The steps for changing your major differ depending on if you are an undergraduate or graduate student. Please take the appropriate action listed below:

Newly applied, admitted and re-admitted undergraduate students prior to registration/orientation
After you have applied or are admitted, prior to seeking advising and registration for classes or attending freshman orientation, you may change your major online.
  1. Log in to My ASU.
  2. In the My Application Status box, click on Change My Major.
  3. Complete a major change request.
Please note: Some schools have higher admission requirements.

Continuing undergraduate students
To change your undergraduate major, consult this website to research, select and submit a request to the new major. You will also be able to run a degree audit report (DARS) to view the number of credits and courses need to stay on track to graduation in the new major you have selected.

Graduate students
A change from one graduate degree program to another requires a new application to Graduate College. The usual admission procedures are followed. For additional information, contact Graduate Admission Services at 480-965-6113.


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