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How Do I Register for Classes Using My ASU?

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To register for classes using My ASU, follow these steps: 

Step 1: In the My Classes box, choose the tab of the semester for which you would like to add a class. 

Step 2: Click the Registration link to open a list of options. From the list, select Add/Shopping Cart. (Note: You may also click the Class Search link to search for a class.)

Step 3: Use the class search button (found in the left navigation pane) to search for a class or simply enter the class number on this Add Class by Class Number page and click the green Next button to proceed.

Step 4: Choose available preferences then click on the green Add to Cart button to add the class to your shopping cart. Options for classes will vary. If there is an associated class such as a lab, recitation, studio, etc., you may choose that class on this page. Some classes have no options.

Step 5: In your shopping cart, click the green Enroll button to attempt enrollment.                      You may also choose to add additional classes to the shopping cart using Class Search or the Add Class by Class Number page.  You may edit preferences previously chosen by clicking on the Change Preferences link.  

Step 6: Confirm your desire to enroll by clicking the Yes button.


Step 7:  Review the result.  To view your complete schedule click on the View My Classes button in the left navigation pane.

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