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How Do I Request a Grade of Incomplete (I) for a Course?

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Functional GroupRegistrar
You are eligible to receive a grade of Incomplete (I) for a course only if you are otherwise doing acceptable work but are unable to complete the course (e.g., final exam or term paper) due to illness or other circumstances beyond your control. Please communicate with your instructor prior to requesting a grade of Incomplete to ensure that you are eligible.

To request a grade of Incomplete (I):
  1. Fill out and sign the top portion of the Request for Grade of Incomplete form.
  2. Submit the form to your instructor for approval.
If your instructor approves the request, you and your instructor will communicate regarding the terms of the request, including the timeline for completion of course requirements. The instructor will record this information on the request form and sign the form.

If approved, your instructor will provide you with a copy of the form, retain a copy, forward a copy to the department chair, and record a grade of "I" for you.

Please note: You have one calendar year from the date the mark of "I" is recorded to complete the course. When you complete the course, the instructor must submit an online grade change request to update the grade on your transcript.
  • Undergraduate students: If you receive an "I" in an undergraduate course in fall 1983 or thereafter, your grade will automatically be changed to a failing grade (E) if you do not complete the course within one calendar year.‚Äč
  • Graduate students: If you receive an "I" in a graduate course (500 level or above), your "I" grade will become a permanent part of your transcript if you do not complete the course within one calendar year. You will be required to re-register and pay fees to repeat the course for credit.
For more information regarding a grade of Incomplete, please review the Grades and Grading Policies website and policy SSM 203-09: Grade of Incomplete.


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