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How Do I Return My Loan Funds?

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To return loan funds that you no longer need, you can bring the original uncashed ASU refund check to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services at the campus located nearest to you.

Please note: Return of Federal Direct Loan and Federal Direct PLUS Loan funds cannot be made after 120 days from the date of disbursement.

If the funds have already been deposited into your bank account, please download and complete the Return of Financial Aid Funds form and write a personal check, payable to Arizona State University, for the amount of the loan you wish to return. You can also submit a money order or cashier's check. This must be submitted in person to Financial Aid and Scholarships Services.

ASU will return the loan funds to the lender on your behalf. Please do not send a payment to your lender. 

Need additional help? Access 24/7 live chat, create a case from My ASU Service Center or call 855-278-5080.


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