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How Do I Update the Name on My Student Account to Apply for a Parent PLUS Loan for My Son or Daughter?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
To update the name on your personal student account for a Parent PLUS Loan:
  1. Have your student submit an Update Parent Borrower Info Request form. This step will initiate an Update Parent Borrower Info Form for your parent(s) on your MyASU guest access.
  2. You must submit the Update Parent Borrower Info form using your MyASU guest access.  The form will be located under Finance Tasks.  Complete an Update Parent Borrower Info form along with a signed copy of your Social Security card, marriage license/certificate, divorce decree or court order that has the correct name on it.
  3. The name on your file will be changed, and if needed, a new parent loan will be sent to Direct Lending.
Note: This form is not to be used to change the parent who accepted the Parent PLUS Loan. The form only changes demographic information for the indicated parent.

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