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How do I use iClicker?

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First-time Use for Registration

  1. Using a web browser, visit and click on Sign In and choose STUDENT OR visit
    *Be sure you register as a STUDENT in order to participate in your course properly.
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  2. Select “Arizona State University” from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page
    1. If you are unable to click on the dropdown box, it is likely that your browser has zoomed past 100%. Adjust the zoom back to 100% and try again.
  3. Click “Go.”
  4. You will be redirected to an ASU sign-in page. Sign in using your ASU credentials.
  5. You’ll land on a iClicker Reef page that says “We didn’t find an iClicker Reef account associated with your institution email” > Click on the “Create New Account” option.
  6. The next page will ask you to verify your information -- this should be auto-filled with your ASU credentials. Click “Ok” to proceed.
  7. A new account will be created for you with your ASU credentials.
  8. If it is not populated, enter your ASURITE username (NOT your numerical student ID) in the “Student ID” field and click “Save Profile.”
  9. You’ll receive a prompt to register a physical clicker -- you can skip this step for now.
  10. Finally, you should end up on a “Courses” page that says “You don’t have any courses.” See the “Add instructor’s course” section below for information on adding a course.
  11. Your registration is complete.
  12. For more details about this process, view iClicker’s directions for creating an account through the campus portal.
  13. View Checklist: Getting Started with the iClicker Student App for more information and start using iClicker.


Seeing Your Courses

Your courses will appear after your instructor connects course rosters from Canvas to iClicker, which will need to occur after you have created your iClicker account.

You may have to manually add your instructor’s course if your instructor has not synced the class roster information between Canvas and iClicker. Instructions for adding courses can be found here:

Your instructor will likely provide you with information to confirm whether you have to complete that step.


Participating in iClicker Sessions

Your instructor will start course sessions during synchronous class times in which you will respond to questions through polls or quizzes. Your instructor may also use the assignments feature and ask you to use iClicker to respond outside of class during asynchronous learning opportunities.


Mobile App Users

After downloading the application, launch it from your mobile device, select your course from your “Courses” list, and follow the instructions in the articles below:

  • How to participate in a poll: Article
  • How to participate in a quiz: Article

Browser Users

Log into your student account using the iClicker student web app at and select your course from your “Courses” list. Follow the instructions in the articles below:

  • How to participate in a poll: Article
  • How to participate in a quiz: Article

Note that your instructor may be using the geolocation feature of iClicker, which requires you to be in the classroom space to participate. If you have issues with geolocation, view the link below under “Troubleshooting” for help.

Study Tools

Log into your student account on your mobile device or at, then follow the instructions in the articles below:

  • View class history and activity results: Article
  • How to create/use study tools: Article | Video




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