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How Do Parents or Guests Activate My ASU Guest Access?

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Once a student has granted you My ASU Guest Access, please follow the steps below to activate your access.
  1. When the student invites you to access his or her records, you will receive an email invitation to My ASU Guest Access. The student must provide you with a validation code in order for you to continue with the activation process. Please communicate directly with the student to obtain the code.​
My ASU Guest Access Email Invite Image
  1. After obtaining the validation code from the student, follow the link provided in the email invitation to navigate to the My ASU Guest Activation, Step 1: Code Validation page. Enter your validation code in the appropriate field and then click the checkbox to indicate acceptance of the specified terms and conditions.
Code Validation Page Image
  1. The My ASU Guest Activation Step 2: Identification page will display. If you have an ASURITE ID, click the Sign In button. If you do not have have an ASURITE ID, see step 4.
  1. If you do not have an ASURITE ID, click the Continue Here link and you will be prompted to provide additional information. After filling in the information, click Continue. The system will search for an existing match or create a new ID.
Additional Information Image
Request Processing Image
  1. Once your identity is validated or your new ID is created, you will receive a message confirming that your guest account has been activated. Click on the choose your password link.
Activation Image  
  1. You will be prompted to set a new password and create security questions.
Password Creation Image
  1. A confirmation message indicating whether or not your password change was successful will display. If successful, click the continue with activation link. If unsuccessful, follow the steps provided in the message.
Password Change Confirmation Image
  1. A message indicating that the guest account has been associated to the student will display. Click on the My ASU Guest View link to view the student's My ASU information. In the future, you will need to access the information via your My ASU site.
Account Activated Notification Image

My ASU Guest Access Image
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