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How to Embed a YouTube Video in Blackboard

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You are able to embed YouTube videos into text boxes in Blackboard. This is made easy and convenient through the use of the YouTube Mashup tool, which is available to all users in all text boxes inside of a Blackboard course. Below are the instructions for using the tool:

1. Access the content area or discussion board, where you wish to add your video. Click the Mashups icon from the content editor at the top of the text box, and choose YouTube Video from the list.

User-added image

2. Type the name of the video in the Search box and click Go. Scroll through the videos and click Select under the video you wish to use.

User-added image

3. You have the option to customize the video title and choose the display format:
  • Thumbnail displays the video as a thumbnail icon, much like a film slide and plays in a new or pop-up window.
  • Text Link with Player displays the video as a hyperlink and plays in a new or pop-up window.
  • Embed displays the video as full embed that plays directly on the screen when clicked.
User-added image

4. You have the option to hide or display the YouTube URL and YouTube Information. Choose yes or no next to your preference. Note that if the video wasn't made by you, you should consider displaying the YouTube information as a form of citing the source.

User-added image

5. Click Submit to place the video into the text box.

User-added image

6. Type your information into the text box and click Submit.

User-added image


If the video fails to appear or does not play properly, you can insert a link to the video:

1. In a new browser window/tab, go to YouTube and find the video you want to share.
2. Click on the Share tab and copy the video link (URL).

YouTube Share URL

3. Return to Blackboard, access the course and find the message.
Edit the post or message.
NOTE: If you cannot edit the message, reply to your own message so you can supply the correct link.

4. Delete the mashup video embed from the text box area.
5. Click on the link icon in the text editor.

Highlight Title

6. Paste the video link into the URL box and Save.

Paste link

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