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How to Install and Take a Test Using the Repondus LockDown Browser iPad App

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The Respondus LockDown Browser iPad App allows you to take exams using an Apple iPad. The app is not available for other tablets.


  • It is recommended that you use a computer with a wired (ethernet) connection for tests.
  • If you lose connectivity during an test and are unable to re-open the test, contact your instructor.

Install the iPad App and Take a Test

  1. Download and install the LockDown Browser app from Apple iTunes to your iPad (requires iOS 7 or higher).
  2. Go to your iPad Settings.
  3. Enable iPad's "Guided Access" by selecting General > Accessibility > Guided Access.
  4. Turn on Guided Access.
          guided access
  1. Click on Passcode Settings.

    select passcode settings
  2. Set a Guided Access four-digit passcode. Write down the passcode, as you will use this passcode to exit Guided Access at the end of your exam.

    create a four-digit passcode
  3. Return to home and start the LockDown Browser app.

    app icon
  4. The first time the app is used, you will be prompted to select your institution and server.
    • Type "Arizona" in the search box and select Arizona State University.
    • If you are asked to select a server, select Bb at ASU.

      Select Bb at ASU server
    • You will see instructions to triple-press the iPad home button.

    • Ensure the volume is on.
    • Press the iPad home button three times, rapidly.
      home button location
  5. Enter your ASURite User ID and Password.

    Enter ASURite User ID and Password
  6. Access your course, complete and submit the exam.
  7. Logout of Blackboard.

    Logout button is in the upper-right corner
  8. Triple-press the iPad home button.
  9. Enter the passcode to exit Guided Access.
  10. Press the home button once to return to the home screen.
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