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As an International Student, What Type of Financial Aid Can I Apply For?

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If you are an international student, you are not eligible for federal or state financial aid. However, listed below are a few options to help fund your ASU education.
  1. ASU offers a limited number of merit-based scholarships for highly qualified international freshman students who are non-immigrant, nonresident and degree seeking. To be considered for this competitive scholarship, you must submit your application for admission by April 1. There is no separate scholarship application to complete. For more information, visit the New American University International Scholarship website or email if you have any questions.
  2. ASU has a scholarship search where you can find currently open ASU scholarships and private donor scholarships that match your student status. It is constantly updated so you should check it every few weeks.
  3. The academic departments and colleges at ASU also offer scholarships to students admitted into their programs. You can find a link to your department and college scholarship website here.
  4. You can also use national scholarship search websites such as Fastweb, CollegeBoard and FinAid.
  5. ASU offers an ASU Payment Plan which breaks down certain eligible charges (i.e., tuition, housing, meal plan, parking permits and health insurance) over three months within the semester.
  6. Private loan providers may be willing to provide loans to noncitizen students. Applicants of private loans should familiarize themselves with the loan terms (especially the interest rates and repayment conditions), since private loans may have higher, fluctuating interest rates and are not covered by the guarantees that protect federal student loan borrowers. Private loans are subject to credit approval and may be denied. You apply directly with the lender of your choice; ASU does not recommend lenders. The interest rate is determined by the lender. Please visit Private Student Loans for instructions on how to apply and information regarding disbursement.  
For additional information, please visit our financial aid for international students website.


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