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Once My Transfer Courses Have Been Evaluated, How Is My Record Updated?

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Functional GroupAcademic Transfer Credit Solutions
Once transfer courses have been evaluated through the Transfer Guide, courses that are equivalent to ASU first-year composition and math courses (not statistics) will be updated on the student's record (DARS) within 24 hours of notification of the course evaluation decision.

For all other courses, an academic advisor or academic unit will update the DARS. They receive copies of all evaluation results within 48 hours of notification of the course evaluation decision. Please allow several days for a record to be updated.

If you are new to the university or have just submitted a new transcript to ASU, your courses will be evaluated once the transcript is reviewed. While courses are being evaluated, there will be a red X on your DARS with the message in red found below:

User-added image

Once the evaluation is complete, the red X will disappear and your transfer coursework will appear on your DARS.


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