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Request for Housing License Agreement Release

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A request for License Agreement Release (LAR) is required when petitioning a release from the University Housing License Agreement prior to the end of the academic year in accordance to approved or extenuating circumstances after check-in. The license agreement is for the entirety of the academic year for your housing assignment for the full academic year (academic year plus summer for Family Housing). The License Agreement contains the requirements, terms and conditions of your license to reside in on-campus housing. Once signed, you're responsible for the terms of this agreement.

Requests for release initiated by residents from the University Housing License Agreement must be submitted through the ASU My Housing online portal.

Please Note: Release from the License Agreements are not automatic and should be considered denied until an official approval is received.

Approved LAR Circumstances:

  • Graduation: No document requirements
  • Withdrawal or a leave of absence from the university: No document requirements
  • Study Abroad/Internship: Requires Study Abroad/Internship approval letter
  • Military Duty Activation: Requires Military Duty Activation letter

Extenuating Circumstances:

On a case-by-case basis, LAR Requests are reviewed for extenuating circumstances occurring after check-in. Supportive documentation is required for requesting an extenuating circumstance review. A significant medical or financial hardship that has occurred since the date of singing the license agreement will only be reviewed if sufficient documentation demonstrating the recent hardship is included. LAR Requests without documentation will be denied.

Document Requirements for LAR Requests:

All required and supportive documentation for an LAR Request must be submitted at time of request. If sufficient documentation is not submitted, the LAR Request will remain in denied status.

For additional information please visit the University Hoursing Request for LAR website, contact us by email at or phone at 480-965-3515.


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