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Setting Pronouns in Canvas

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Setting Pronouns in Canvas


Personal Pronouns in Canvas

Effective March 9, 2020, ASU has adopted a new Canvas feature that gives users the option to display their personal pronouns next to their names.

We encourage all ASU staff, faculty and students to set their personal pronouns in Canvas when it becomes available.

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Why are Pronouns Important?

Correctly using someone’s personal pronoun when communicating with them shows respect for their identities, and helps foster an inclusive community that allows all students to succeed. This aligns with the ASU charter, which states, the university “is measured by whom it includes and how they succeed.”

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How do I Set Pronouns in Canvas?

Click on Account in the global navigation menu and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
Image of menu with settings link highlighted after clicking on account in the global navigation menu.

Click the Edit Settings button on the right side of the page.
Image of Edit Settings button, located on right side of the page.

Select your preferred pronoun from the drop-down list, then click the blue Update Settings button.
Image of pronoun drop-down menu.

Current choices for pronouns include:
  1. She/Her
  2. She/They
  3. He/Him
  4. He/They
  5. They/Them
  6. Ze/Hir
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Learner Resources

For more information, see the resources below:

  1. ASU Committee for Campus Inclusion
  2. ASU Safe Zone Training
  3. ASU Faculty Support Guide


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