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What Happens If I Am Not Meeting the Obama Scholars Program Renewal Criteria?

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ASU has annual cumulative ASU GPA and credit hour standards for renewal. Students who meet the 2.50 cumulative ASU GPA and 24 ASU credit hour requirements each year are fully renewed. If you are not meeting those requirements, you will receive one year of probation at the full award amount.

Failure to maintain the renewal criteria after the year of probation will result in a decrease of the award amount to tuition, fees and books. You can be reinstated to the full award amount for the next academic year by achieving a 2.50 cumulative ASU GPA and completing 24 ASU credit hours at the end of any academic year.
  • If you are not meeting the 2.50 cumulative ASU GPA or 24 ASU credit hour requirements after your one year of probation, you may enroll for ASU summer courses to remain eligible in the Obama Scholar Program for the following academic year.
Note: Your Obama scholarship will not be available for the summer semester. We will conduct a final review of your academic record at the end of the summer session.
  • If you experience challenges throughout the year, such as difficulty with classes, time management, work or family responsibilities, or other cocurricular commitments, consult your academic advisor and use ASU resources to ensure you receive the guidance and assistance necessary to remain on track and continue to meet criteria for renewal and graduation.
To learn more, and for other renewal criteria information, please visit Obama Scholars Program and review the renewal section.

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