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What are the admission requirements for home school students?

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Home school students must meet the general requirements for ASU admission, including specific documentation with your application to confirm your completion of the requirements:
  • Competency Requirement - Per Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) policy, laboratory sciences must be conducted in real labs and students should complete the Evaluation of Laboratory Science Courses form as part of the application process. (If you have questions about the laboratory sciences requirement, please call 480-965-7788).
  • Aptitude Requirement - Must be met with SAT or ACT test score.
  • Graduation Requirement - Upon completion of secondary school education, complete the Affidavit of Completion of Secondary School Education.  The affidavit must be completed by the parent/guardian and notarized.
Please note: When the Application for Admission asks you which high school you attended, enter your home town name. Scroll down through the city options until you find Home School at the bottom.

Your application will be reviewed as soon as all of these items are received by Admission Services. 

For additional questions regarding admission for home school students, please call 480-965-6427 or email


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