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What are the consequences for failing to submit verification documents to financial aid?

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The consequences for failing to submit verification documentation varies depending on where you are in the financial aid process.

Scenario A: You have not been offered federal student aid.
No federal student aid can be offered until acceptable verification documents are submitted and processed.

Scenario B: You have been awarded but not disbursed federal student aid.
You must submit acceptable verification documentation before any federal student aid disbursements can occur. Please understand that your federal student aid may be adjusted based on the documentation submitted.  

Scenario C: You have been awarded and disbursed federal student aid.
You will have three weeks to submit acceptable verification documentation. If not submitted in three weeks, some or all of your previously disbursed federal student aid must be billed back.*
*Without proper documentation, ASU will be unable to substantiate your previous federal student aid disbursement(s). Therefore, federal regulations require ASU to return some or all of the federal student aid that was previously disbursed.

If some or all of your federal student aid has been billed back, within certain time frames, you may be able to submit the additional documentation and be considered for federal student aid reinstatement. There is no guarantee that the same type of aid or amounts will be reinstated. Reinstatement eligibility will be determined based on the additional verification documentation and the date it was submitted. Please read our related article for deadline dates: What Are the Deadlines to Apply for Financial Aid?  

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