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What Information Do You Need to Evaluate My Transfer Course Work?

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Functional GroupAcademic Transfer Credit Solutions
Before submitting a course for evaluation, please check the Transfer Guide to ensure that the course has not already been evaluated. Students thinking about transferring to ASU can submit courses for evaluation through the Transfer Guide. Current students with courses reflecting as UPR or LWR may submit courses for further evaluation with a syllabus from the time the course was taken. If a syllabus can not be obtained, please provide a note from the transfer institution stating that the content has remained the same along with a more recent syllabus. 
In order to populate the submission form, the following information must be provided:
  • The name of the institution
  • Course prefix and number
  • Term taken with the catalog year
For more information on submitting a course through the Transfer Guide, please see How do I submit a course for evaluation?


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