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What is Earned Admission?

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Earned Admission is an opportunity that allows you to gain admission into ASU by successfully completing a series of online Universal Learner Courses that count towards your degree.

The key highlights of Earned Admission are: 

  • Start now: Begin taking ASU classes online today; no application or transcripts required.
  • Low risk: The Earned Admission program is a low-risk option, offering Universal Learner Courses for credit at a reduced cost. Pay $25 to start a course and pay the $400 tuition only when you are pleased with your grade. In addition, students have one year from the start of the course to pay the $400 tuition for credit on their ASU transcript.
  • Make progress toward a degree: Demonstrate your ability to succeed at ASU. Pay for your courses only if you’d like to receive academic credit.
  • Earn Admission into ASU: Successfully complete and pay for your courses with a 2.75 GPA or higher to gain admission into ASU. Enroll in a degree with a portion of your program already complete.

Please visit the Universal Learner Courses website for information on currently available courses and enrollment instructions.

For additional questions regarding Universal Learner Courses and Earned Admission, please email us at or call 844-691-2241.


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