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What is Eduroam?

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Eduroam: Education Roaming Wireless Networks Overview

The Eduroam (education roaming) service, developed for the international research and education community, is a secure, worldwide wireless network access system that allows students, faculty, and staff from participating institutions (including all ASU campuses) to easily access the Internet when visiting other participating institutions. With Eduroam, you can connect to the network at other member institutions using your ASURITE credentials.

When on an Eduroam service provider campus, you connect to the eduroam Service Set Identifier (SSID) which is the wireless network name. For your username, enter your full ASU email address in the form "Your_ASURITE" For your password, enter your ASURITE password. If you have not connected to Eduroam before with your device, it will need to be configured properly to use ASU's 802.1x encryption mode.

To find available service locations for ASU, please visit Eduroam Arizona State University Service Locations

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