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What is My ASU Guest Access?

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My ASU Guest Access is an online tool that allows you to share educational and financial information with parents and guests. ASU recognizes that parents, guardians, spouses and others are important to your education. We provide the opportunity for these important individuals to support, foster and be involved in your academic careers.

You have the choice to share some or all of the information available to your parent and guest. For more information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, visit ASU's FERPA page.

My ASU Parent Guest Access allows you to share any of the following in My ASU:
  • Admission status
  • Class schedule, major and college
  • Final grades and Academic Status Reports
  • Finances and Parent PLUS loan information
  • Authorized Payer permission
  • Tasks or holds related to finances, academics and campus services
  • On-campus housing
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