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What Do I Need to Have My International Transfer Courses Evaluated?

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Functional GroupAcademic Transfer Credit Solutions
Once you complete a course, the official grade is posted, and your official transcript is sent to Admission Services, you may submit a course evaluation request to the Transfer Guide.
To have your international coursework evaluated, the following information is needed:
  • Country where your previous institution is located
  • The name of the institution
  • Course prefix and number as they appear on your transcript
  • Course title as it appears on your transcript
  • Term and year taken (e.g. Fall 2015)
  • Syllabus in English
Please note: Academic Transfer Credit Solutions cannot provide pre-evaluations for international credits that do not appear as completed on an official transcript.

For additional information on how to submit a course for evaluation through the Transfer Guide please see How Do I Submit a Course for Evaluation?.

Please contact for questions about transfer course evaluation.


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