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When Will My Summer Financial Aid Disburse?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
The amount of financial aid disbursed will be based on actual enrollment. Summer disbursement begins in May for students enrolled in session A or C. Students only enrolled in session B receive summer disbursements beginning early July. Specific dates will be available as we approach the summer semester on the financial aid calendar.

Disbursement, or payment of aid, is contingent on your completion of your financial aid file and your enrollment for summer. To ensure timely receipt of your summer aid refund, be sure to complete the following:
  1. Update your address on My ASU under the Profile tab in the Contact Details box.
  2. Check your direct deposit enrollment status on My ASU under the Finances tab in the Financing Tasks box.
  3. Enroll in all necessary summer classes.
  4. Complete all Priority Tasks and Financing Tasks listed on My ASU.
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