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Where is my student account refund?

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Watch video: When will I get my refund?

To check the status of your refund, visit the Financial Aid Tracker on the My ASU Finances tab. If your status shows in "Ready for Disbursement" you do not need to take any action. Your aid is being processed and your refund will be sent to you in one of two ways:
  1. By direct deposit. You need to have been enrolled in direct deposit at least two weeks before disbursement for your funds to be electronically transferred. 
  2. By mailed check. This will be sent to the mail address you have on file with ASU. To verify this address, check your Contact Details on the My ASU Profile tab.
If your status does not show in "Ready for Disbursement," you need to check your My ASU Priority Tasks box for missing documents or tasks you need to complete in order for the Financial Aid and Scholarships Services team to process your aid. If you have received part of your refund and are expecting additional funds, please note that if you've dropped or added classes since your aid was processed, your aid may have adjusted to match your enrollment and your refund may be sent to you in two separate parts.

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