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Why can't I access full text articles online?

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If you are having trouble getting the full text of an article there are several ways to get help.  

First, make a note of the article citation information: title, author name, journal title, volume number, date, etc.  If you have clicked on a link on one of the Library databases to get full text for the article, note the database you are using. Then follow the steps below:
  1. You must be a student, faculty, or staff member to access many full text articles. 
  2. ASU may not subscribe to full text for the journal or publication date of your article.  You can verify that we subscribe by looking up the journal coverage.
  3. Many of the full text items available through the library require that you log in or be on-campus. This usually takes place automatically when you click the full text link if you came in through a library search tool. Try your search again using the citation information with the Library One Search tool.
  4. We have specialists available to assist you 24/7 through our ask-a-librarian service.
If you have verified that the library subscribes to full text for the journal and date you are seeking but you still cannot access the full text, please create a New Case in the My ASU Service Center

If the ASU Libraries does not subscribe to the full text for an article you can often obtain it through our Interlibrary Loan service. You may contact them via email, phone, or use the ask-a-librarian service for details.


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