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Why Can't I Paste Text Into a Blackboard Text Box?

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When you right click with your mouse to paste text into the Blackboard content editor, nothing happens or you receive the following message:

User-added image
Systems Affected
Windows and Mac OS. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers.  
Note: This issue only occurs when using the mouse to copy and paste instead of the keyboard shortcuts.

Internet Explorer will give you the following message:

User-added image

Please click Allow Access in order to be granted permission to paste into Blackboard when using Internet Explorer.


The new content editor uses Javascript and Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari currently do not allow Javascript to have access to the clipboard for security reasons.  To paste into the Blackboard content editor using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari, use the keyboard shortcuts.

  • Control + X = Cut
  • Control + C = Copy
  • Control + V = Paste
Mac OS
  • Command + X = Cut
  • Command + C = Copy
  • Command + V = Paste
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