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Why Don't I Have a Graduate Thesis or Dissertation Defense Schedule Link Available?

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Why don’t I have a graduate thesis or dissertation defense schedule link available?
To be eligible to schedule your defense, you must meet all of the requirements listed below. 
  • All GPAs must be 3.0 or higher.
  • Your Interactive Plan of Study (IPOS) must be approved.
  • There are no pending items in the IPOS (I.e., Course changes, committee changes, petitions.)
  • Must be enrolled in at least one graduate-level credit.
  • Must be a thesis or dissertation student
    • If a doctoral student, you must be in candidacy.

Once all requirements have been met, your defense link will become available.  If you feel you have met all these requirements and still do not have a defense link, please get in touch with your staff advisor for further assistance; their contact information can be found on your IPOS under "Advisors."


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