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How do I request an override for an undergraduate digital culture course?

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Functional GroupHerberger Institute
For a course full override, time conflict override or a prerequisite override for an undergraduate digital culture course (AME, MDC prefix), please follow the steps below:
  1. Email the instructor of the course requesting permission to take the course.
  2. Forward the approval email including the approved Override Authorization form to the Digital Culture advisor who will then enter the override OR obtain the instructor’s signature on the override form and submit the completed form to the Herberger Institute advising office at College of Design South Building (CDS 101), suite 101. Your request must include your name and your student ID as well as the course prefix and number, title and the five-digit class number.
  3. After the override has been processed, add the course to your schedule via your My ASU or through University Registrar Services.
If the course requires department consent or lists other special notes requiring permission to register, you need to contact the Digital Culture Education Coordinator, Althea Pergakis, at She will review your request and enter the override if approved.


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