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Why Doesn't My Obama Scholarship Cover Everything?

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The Obama Scholars program is designed to cover your direct costs minus your Student Aid Index as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid with gift aid and Federal Work-Study. Direct costs include actual tuition, mandatory fees, and a standard allowance for books, supplies, room and board. 

Other costs such as the freshman enrollment deposit (if deferred), parking decals, student health insurance and special class fees associated with your specific major are not covered. In addition, if you made residence hall and meal plan selections that exceed our standard allowances, those costs are above the amount of gift aid and FWS provided for the program. Please view the current residence hall prices online.

You may need to find employment in a FWS job or accept student loans in order to pay your remaining costs. Remember that FWS funds are disbursed as you work (i.e., in a paycheck) and not before the semester begins like most other aid. This means you may need to accept the loans you were offered to pay your ASU charges in a timely manner. You may consider changing your housing or meal plan selections in order to minimize the amount you may need to work or borrow.

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