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Will I Continue to Have My ASURITE After I Graduate?

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Functional GroupTechnical Resources: Identity Management
ASURITE computing services will be suspended if not registered and paid for at least one credit hour by the time Late Registration ends for either the Fall or Spring term. It takes several weeks for our system to process all of the suspensions/deactivations, but you should expect your services to be disabled as early as the day after late registration ends.

Note: If you withdraw from all classes and credit hours at any point during a semester, then your ASURITE and computing services will  suspended the following day.

If you're graduating from ASU, you will receive an automatic one-year extension for your ASURITE computing services. ASURITE computing services that are extended include:
  • ASU Windows Active Directory (ASUAD)
  • AFS Fileservice (network file space)
  • Border VPN Access
  • General Computing (AFS access in sites, Unix cluster access)
  • Personal Webpage Hosting
  • Research/Stats Unix Cluster - Graduate Students only
  • Secured network access product (Perfigo)
As an ASU graduate, you will receive an alumni affiliation, which will grant you access to the following:
  • My ASU
  • ASU Gmail
  • Blackboard
  • Google Docs
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