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Functional GroupTechnical Resources: Identity Management

An Arizona State University Rational Information Technology Environment (ASURITE) is the primary login for ASU computing services. Every person at ASU is assigned an ASURITE UserID. This UserID is unique and is yours to use as long as you are associated with the University, and you follow the appropriate policies and guidelines.

The ASURITE UserID is used to access various services at ASU. Your eligibility for services will depend on your affiliation with ASU. New student applicants, for example, may have access to certain Web pages to check the status of their application or to register online once they have been admitted. Enrolled students, will able to add other computing services, as needed, to their UserID.

Please Note: Because the ASURITE UserID is used for such a wide variety of access, including sensitive information such as your grades, it is important to protect your password. Do not share it with others. Change your password frequently. Pick passwords that are difficult to guess.

What is my ASURITE UserID?

Your ASURITE UserID is an auto-generated username based on your actual name. It is 5-8 characters in length. The typical format is the first letter of your first name plus as many characters of your last name (surname) as can fit. (i.e. jsmith) Your UserID may vary from that format if someone else already has that UserID. (i.e. jsmith2)
transcripts online.

Blackboard Access:

If you need an ASURITE UserID to access a class in Blackboard, please contact the ASU department that you are working with and ask them to submit an online Courtesy Affiliate Request to request an account for you.

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