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What is Canvas?

Canvas is a fully featured learning management system (LMS) designed to facilitate the delivery of instruction. Canvas may be used by ASU instructors to teach all or part of your classes. How instructors use their courses may vary to some extent, but many features will remain consistent across all of your courses.

For example, you can use Canvas to:
  • Access course materials (e.g., lectures, videos, reading assignments, etc.)
  • Check your grades
  • Participate in online discussions or group activities
  • Submit assignments
  • Take online quizzes/tests
  • View course announcements

Below you'll find a series of instructional articles to help get you started with Canvas. Some articles address our custom ASU Canvas environment, while other articles are provided by the Canvas Community (such as: Canvas Student Guides).

NOTE: Guides and documentation found on the Canvas site may vary slightly as features are added or changed. When in doubt, please contact the ASU Experience Center for assistance!

Table of Contents

Getting Started in Canvas

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Quick Reference Videos

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Communication and Collaboration in Canvas

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Submitting Coursework in Canvas

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Quizzes, Tests, and Exams in Canvas

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Checking Grades in Canvas

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Other ASU Student Resources

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